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Over 1,500 students have taken the Tarot for the Wild Soul course — here are some select testimonials and love letters from them!

"Seeing the cards through such an emotional lens opened up my intuition tenfold. I am so thankful I made this investment." — Ali

"Lindsay's brilliant and hard-flight approach to the tarot has radically transformed my life. Her magical integration of trauma healing, queerness, decolonization, faith in divine, deep honesty, profound boundary-setting, experience with chronic illness and pain, feminism and silliness gave me a place to feel spiritually at home. I really can't say enough about how much I've upgraded in the past year in the company of her teachings. Thank you so fucking much." — Lou

"Taking Tarot for the Wild Soul has been profoundly transformative. I wasn't only given some amazing knowledge, I was shown how to develop my own understanding over time. It demanded deep emotional work of me: made me confront fears, cry, and push through. It brought me deep healing and a changed sense of purpose." — Simon

"Tarot for the Wild Soul changed my life. It's not just Tarot. It's self care for the soul." — Chantelle

"Deep life lessons came through for me. It was beautifully unexpected. I thought I'd learn symbols and meanings of cards. Instead, I now have a new way of looking at the world." — Chantelle

"The course material was generous, very accessible and interesting visually. It was incredibly rich and dynamic. Lindsay's interpretations of Tarot in a soul-centered way helped me remove the fear of 'bad cards' or doing something wrong or being told that I'm bad or that I need to change." — Ruby

"I walked away from this course with a whole community of supportive people who love tarot as much as me, and some of them I met in person!" — Jenna

"Whatever Lindsay wants to bring forth, I'm in." — Elsa

"The soul centered perspective that Lindsay teaches is so incredibly healing, especially as it comes from a trauma informed, recovery based, intersectional, and feminist perspective. It's exactly what practitioners need in order to bring out the change our world so desperately needs." — Maureen

"I am so beyond grateful and honored to call Lindsay Mack my teacher. Thank you for keeping it real." — Rika

"I was blown away with how much sense Lindsay's approach makes for reading Tarot. It's intimately personal on one hand, while also being intensely universal." — Kate

"I am so deeply grateful that I happened upon this course. It was the highlight of my year." — Eli

"Honestly, it is hard to find a solid, genuine teacher like Lindsay Mack. She makes you fall in love with her through how she leads her classes. She leads with such patience and care. She makes all feel seen and valued. She is open, raw and human, and that is why I was drawn to this course." — Bet 

"Like others, I relate to the hells Lindsay has survived but I look up to her because she is steadily teaching me how I can be in control over the demons of my past through Tarot by re-centering and not allowing mind/ego to take the reign and throw me into a tailspin. For that, I am immensely grateful. This course isn't just learning the basics of Tarot, it's also about learning how to heal, grow, and nourish your mind, soul, body and emotions. To be okay with pain and in pain, to acknowledge it and still move forward without getting stuck in self.  It is certainly worth the affordable investment." — Bet

“I’ve been able to see the bigger picture of life here on earth. I’ve been able to let go of some baggage and trauma and been doing some very deep work and enquiry around judgement—of myself, of others, my ‘story’— and have been able to gain a new perspective. I’ve voiced some deep, deep and uncomfortable truths...and it felt so fucking good. I feel strong and empowered. It’s true you never know the weight of something until you let it go. The last 8 weeks have been incredibly cathartic and healing for me. I’m experiencing life very differently and have begun to nurture a new found trust in my intuition and connection to my guides." — Mareeka Rose

"The way this course has changed not only my personal tarot practice, but truly the way I look at life—how energies ebb and flow, what we're moving through and towards at any given moment —has been indescribable. You have given everyone who took this course such a gift. Every lesson, every week felt like a truly special piece of you." — Janine Stafford 

"This has been transformational and beautiful beyond words. Thank you so much for sharing your truth, wisdom and warmth with the utmost compassion, grace and lightness. Thank you for seeing me, for creating and holding this space. I'm coming away with not only a deeper practice and love for the tarot, but also so much expansion in my own healing journey. I feel so much more empowered in my own intuitive abilities and capacity for magic." — Kirstin Wu Latimer

"This course has been so deep, and so transformational. Thank you for your wisdom and sharing." — Zina Bennion

"I was looking to deepen my connection to Tarot and explore a perspective on Tarot I was drawn towards. This course gave me a deeper trust in my ability to intuit the cards and not simply know the "right" meaning. I was able to create a regular practice with the cards as an anchor for connecting with my instincts and thoughts. My favorite part of the course was the community, the conversation, and the practices. The guidebook with space to write out my own thoughts was wonderful. The break down and pacing was phenomenal. The time and Facebook support was lovely. I have deep appreciation that this course was an invitation more than simply an education. A safe space that cultivated a community wherein each person was encouraged to not simply spoon feed a meaning but to trust, explore, and develop a connection to one's own Tarot voice. I am very grateful to have been apart of such a space that honored every voice and allowed for room to wrestle with what arose with the cards and find our unique paths." —Whitney Bliss

"Because of the course, I have knowledge of the Tarot, but also so much more—a grounding practice, an affinity for meditation, a feeling of deep connection with the spiritual/celestial realms, a community, and I hope a little bit of Lindsay's incredibly gentle, uplifting attitude. I now know that this was all available and accessible to me. I was always fascinated but never thought I could actually DO it until this class. The videos were fantastic. The facebook community was so helpful and fun. I loved it. It was very thorough, fun, and didn't feel rushed since there were no deadlines." — Jackie

"I walked away with tons of knowledge about each card in the tarot deck but more importantly, was that interpretation is really your own. You can trust your intuition and your guides and both will also help you read the cards. Thank you for sharing your gift. You have taught me so much about myself. I have had breakthrough after breakthrough. You are amazing." — Laura Ray

"I felt a calling to the tarot but didn't know where to start. I walked away from the course as a different person. Lindsay's interpretations of the cards are slightly different and more soul centered than the other stuff out there. I loved the videos and the way it expanded my mind as well as took me on a journey with myself. I love her no BS way." — Emma Steven

"I walked away with from this course with a new understanding of myself, my experiences, my emotions and brain chemistry and my intuition. My biggest insight was the tarot is not about external influences and is not foreboding. It is a deep source of connection to support. My favorite part of the course was the overview of each section, the context for each section.

The workbook is wonderful. The exercises, information, photos and imagery helped me communicate with my deck and bridge between the Rider Waite imagery and the Motherpeace imagery.

I like the sequence of the class from an overview to the Majors, then entering the Minor Arcana with the swords, a special focus on the Court cards. It was both a logical progression and a soul progression. The course has been life changing, life expanding for me." — Erin Hannan

"I came away from this course with a tool that helps me navigate life's crazy moments and allows me to release into my own knowing. I am so very grateful for the gentle and deep knowing that Lindsay shares in this course. My relationship with tarot is ever shifting and I consistently refer to my own notes I took during the course as well as the workbook itself. The only thing I would change is that it lasted longer!

The course was a really beautiful experience and I still engage and interact with parts of the community that was created. Thank you Lindsay and all of your magical helpers. Lindsay is a great teacher in that her lecture is very visual and stayed with me. She shares her intuition and understanding of the tarot in a beautiful generous manner. " — Cathlin Star Walker

"I signed up for this course to expand my creative consciousness during a time when I'd started to feel really stuck with my professional astro practice. Tarot had been a part of my existence in my wee early years, but I'd lost touch with it. I walked away from this course with ... A deeper trust in my intuitive channel. Sense making and support during the start of a profoundly emotionally confronting time. A magical new tool and language that returned me to both the sensory, and unseen world, and added kinesis back to my practice (dancing the Tarot ;) A reminder of why the fuck I'm here on earth and what I'm going to do about it. 

My biggest insight was somewhat existential and probably around the notion of flux, shiftiness, and change. All of the flavors of it. Many shades of transformation and all of these little tapas sensations presented through the cards that reinfused my everyday existence with the romance, realism, and majesty that I'd found through astro and all creative, meaning making practices in my life. 

My favorite part of the course on a practical level was the video/workbook content that synced up so I could really get the most out of what I was hearing. But really, the sound of Lindsay's voice and words were pure magic, and I really loved the bonuses and pull suggestions—little cosmic treats!! Honestly, as a woman of words, I don't have a lot for this course, which in and of itself speaks to me of its impact. It took me up and out of my usual channels to experience Tarot as a method that works on all sensory levels and as a reflection and constituent of my very existence itself. If I could insert a scratch and sniff sticker set to music here, it would be scented with diesel fuel and roses, and set to Belinda Carlisle's 'Heaven Is a Place on Earth'." — Bess Matassa 

"I wanted to gain a better understanding of how to read tarot and how it works, and I walked away with a strong foundation for the tarot. My biggest insight was dropping fatalistic point of view and seeing it as another way to tap into my higher self. My favorite part of the course was how deeply it brought me into myself and the serious shifts it help facilitate in my life. I looked forward to the content each week. I loved working with Lindsay and I felt deeply supported by her and the facilitator and the Facebook group. This course dissipated all the fears I had around tarot and I really enjoyed it!" — Danielle Lichtenfeld 

"I walked away with way more knowledge than I expected. My biggest insight was that the "scary cards" are not scary. My favorite parts were the workbook & Queen Lindsay Mack. I loved the calmness around the courses and the no BS way around it. This was such an amazing experience and I hope in the future to be able to do more courses and stay within this lovely community." — Hannah Woodford

“My favorite part of the course was getting info from Lindsay each week! I thought the material and structure were great! It made complete sense to me the way it was set up. Thank you for empowering so many with such an incredible tool." — Jessica Mahler

"The course materials were awesome. Just wanted to say thank you for this experience and the wealth of knowledge you shared with us. There was no bias or judgements, just love of tarot and the exchanging of energy from a heart centered place." — Andrija D.

"I wanted to move away from surface type "predictive" readings, knowing the Tarot had so much more to offer.  I walked away from this course with a deep appreciation for the Tarot, gratitude for Lindsay & her clear, no bullshit, yet kind & soulful teaching style, and the realization of my own intuitive gifts as a reader. Lindsay is easy to listen to, appeared super pro on video, and was super confident and relatable. And so fucking knowledgeable!" — Terri Lynn Traulsen

"I have a better understanding of not only what the Tarot cards mean in theory and context but how they feel and take shape in real life. I have not only very much enjoyed my time learning from you but being able to feel empowered through your lens and approach to the tarot. So grateful to have had that experience!" — Kelsea

"I signed up for this course to begin learning Tarot—something that felt overwhelming and that I had lingering feelings of fear and confusion around. Tarot for the Wild Soul gave me whole new approach to life and a tool to facilitate my expansion. My biggest insight was that the tarot can be a powerful psychological tool to cut through the bullshit and help me grow. Slowing it down and working through a segment a week at a time truly allowed for integration and engagement with the cards, while simultaneously minimizing any feelings of overwhelm when embarking upon this journey. YOU'RE SO FUCKING AMAZING." — Jenny Leckie

"I had been reading for myself for more than 20 years, but I found huge blocks when I tried to read for anyone else—it was like I had to learn a new language. 

Now I have a more finely tuned channel to receive communication through my deck in many different contexts. I discovered the inherent permission to experience tarot in a way that is completely my own, but can be of service to others.

This course honestly was everything I expected and more. I thought the pace of the material was excellent, and I loved the workbook. I loved all of the bonus content, it was lovely to have so many extra avenues to explore." — Megan Alexander

 "I wanted to learn tarot as a total beginner and also to discover a new depth of myself that I hadn't explored yet. Something was calling me to dig deeper and this course really aided me in doing so. I walked away from this course with a much deeper connection to myself and to my guides/higher power. I learned how much self healing could take place within me, using the tool of tarot, and that I had the power to really deeply heal myself with the gentle and constant support of my guides." — Georgia

 "So many of the books I read presented tarot cards as judgmental warnings, as things we shouldn't do or things to watch out for. Lindsay instead reframes tarot cards as invitations for evolution, which gave me permission to ignore oppressive tarot card interpretations that don't include my gender bending anti-capitalist self. It gave me a starting point to work from when coming up with my own tarot theory and card interpretations. Lindsay taught me how to be my own Hierophant." —  Tess Giberson

"I have been working with the tarot for ten years, taken many classes, read many books, gotten many readings...but have never had the opportunity to learn from someone I felt such an alignment with. I had already benefited from hearing Lindsay's perspective on trauma, brain chemistry, and individual and collective evolution. I also appreciated that Lindsay was actively addressing issues of oppression, politics, and injustice in her work with the tarot.

After so many years studying tarot alone and wishing for teachers (and classmates), Tarot for the Wild Soul was such an inspiring, healing journey. The course material was incredible! I was blown away by how much Lindsay created, it was above and beyond the cost of the program. You get so much more than you pay for, which makes it more financially accessible, too.

As always, Lindsay curates truly beautiful content, and her writing is so powerful and moving. I am an audio visual learner, so I loved that this course offered hours of video in addition to a HUGE workbook and Facebook forum.

I wholeheartedly recommend this course to beginners and experienced tarot practitioners alike. If you are just starting out, I think this is one of the most potent places to begin, build or evolve your relationship to the tarot. Tarot for the Wild Soul isn't a superficial, old paradigm look at tarot. It is tarot for the times we are living in, tarot to help us heal ourselves, and tarot to serve the collective.

I am so grateful that Lindsay has birthed this course into the world, because it is so needed. Lindsay's teachings put into words things I felt intuitively for years but couldn't express. Taking the course has benefitted both my personal and professional work with tarot. It helped me better understand my own intuitive channeling, and has affirmed my style as a reader. The deep wisdom and practical tools Lindsay has put together in this program offers can be referenced for a lifetime." — Erin Aquarian

"I wanted a way to show the universe that my magical life was as high of a priority as my material life. I have a decades-long relationship with tarot utilizing guidebooks and my guides/intuition, and I felt ready to deepen my technical study.

I walked away from this course with a foundation of knowledge that made me feel confident in my ability to utilize the healing of the tarot for others.

I learned that regardless of the interpretation, the person reading, the deck used...the information that is yours will find its way to you. My favorite part of the course was getting to see Lindsay's face every week and feel the energy that she puts into each interaction." — Alisha Cigalotti

"Traditional teachings left me feeling confused because what I knew to be true of the cards and their ability to act as a mirror for ourselves was never accurately conveyed. I walked away from this course with a much more intimate understanding of the cards and a much more resonant medicine for myself and those I read for.

I understood for the first time that I didn't need certification or permission to read for myself and others. I learned how to actively work towards trusting my channel.

My favorite part of the course was the workbook and all of the videos. I reference them both almost daily and they have become invaluable to my reading practice. My life has been profoundly changed by your work. Tarot has truly become one of the anchors I use to process difficult things." — Caitlin Ward

“Lindsay is such a true and heartfelt teacher. She brings such experience and wisdom to the classes. For me, a great teacher is one that puts forth their humanness. She is not afraid to use herself as an example and as a student, it helps me connect with the teacher in a way that feels authentic." — Jamie Davis 

"I have more space to cultivate trust in myself—and knowing that I'm going to be okay. The course really changed me in ways I did not expect. The course kept me anchored and the space to be able to check in each week with myself and it taught me the most valuable gems of wisdoms like: feelings are not facts.

The cards were discussed so wonderfully and clearly and so many ah-ha! moments. I hope more and more people do this course, it is so much more that learning tarot. It's tools on how to survive in this world! Doing this course with Linds truly, truly saved my life. It gave me an anchor point during that time and made me observe myself, my past and the current world with so much more enquiry, curiosity and compassion.

Doing Tarot for the Wild Soul was one of the best decisions of my life. It re-routed, re-wired me...It gave me so many more tools on navigating this life than I could EVER have imagined. I want to do it again!" — Mareeka

"I signed up for this course to connect with my intuition and immerse myself in the beautiful, healing language of the tarot as read by Lindsay Mack. My biggest insight was understanding that, actually, some of the most difficult cards are those that ask us to receive, relax and let life unfold - messy and complicated as it is. But in learning to receive all that life offers, we will grow into the souls we came here to become.

“I walked away from this course with a deeper connection to my deck and my own intuition. The only thing that I wish had been different is that I wish it hadn't ended! The course material is beautiful and thoughtfully prepared. There is space to take notes, to practice certain pulls and reflect on the lessons learned in the beautiful videos. It is so special that we are able to download these to refresh our understanding at any time! I loved the calls - they were magical." — Kari Erickson

"Taking Tarot for the Wild Soul was such a profound experience. Lindsay is such a gifted channel and I thoroughly appreciated her in-depth and encouraging approach to teaching. I have a depth of trust in my own intuitive abilities and greater understanding of the cards than I thought possible after just a mere eight weeks.

I loved the videos and structure of the workbook. It was guided enough that I felt encouraged, but allowed me to really explore my own individual understanding and intuitive powers. I honestly think I could listen to Lindsay's voice all day, everyday. She's just magic and I've loved the opportunity to learn from her.

Just thank you! For being open and available to this type of offering and making it so accessible. The approach to Tarot from a trauma-informed perspective has been life changing and so healing for me." — Brynn Woodley

"To say that Tarot for the Wild Soul and the subsequent classes I've taken from Lindsay Mack have completely changed, rewired, and upgraded my life, in profound and better ways than I could have ever imagined prior to starting this course, is genuinely an understatement. It has gifted me enormous expansion, vital healing and a newly inspired career path that integrates tarot into my work. There truly aren't many words to translate my deeply felt gratitude for this course, for Lindsay's other offerings and her existence in general.

If taking this class or being a student of Lindsay's teachings is an idea that whispers or shouts inside of you, DO IT. Trust your intuition and leap. It will be your first A+, igniting the curriculum that is vitally interwoven into the course surrounding the ins and outs of deeply listening to your soul's callings, and the art of responding accordingly.

Prior to taking Tarot for the Wild Soul I had picked up a tarot deck less than a dozen times in my life. The coursework is approachable to fresh ears while being interlaced with such deep truth, meaning and medicine that all will benefit to hear and learn from. The coursework offers a solid foundation for understanding the theory and flow of the deck's magic, translated by Lindsay on a profound soul level that imprints the medicine of the cards onto you. I think this is what makes it so valuable to wild souls everywhere. 

This course can wake you up to a whole new way of experiencing a tarot deck, of navigating your own healing, and of being a heartfelt and productive ally to the healing of others. The extra course material and resources are plentiful and wonderful, and you're supported by nourishing, soul-centered and supportive students learning alongside you. Thank you thank you, I would take this course over and over again." — Hannah Booth

"I have been reading for fun since I was in middle school, and had turned to detailed books for interpretations up to this point. But when I encountered Lindsay's work and approach, something vibed with me and I signed up. I'm so glad I listened to that instinct because I walked away from this course not only with a solid understanding of Lindsay's perspective, but the ground on which to build my own.

Rather than prescriptive and didactic explanations of the cards, Lindsay's teaching opens up the world of possibilities of interpretations. And really, isn't this work all about finding our own path to listening to that voice, wherever it might come from? I say, the more options, the better.

I also walked away with the desire, drive, and inspiration to expand my readings into the professional world, reading for exchange. This brings me so much joy and I am looking forward to eventually furthering my study with her. Lindsay is easy to understand and a pleasure to listen to. Things are structured beautifully and approachable." — Sarah Corbyn Woolf

 "What I gained was an immense root system of empowering meanings, learning to trust my own intuition even more, and how to use tarot as a tool for soul expansion. I think the biggest surprise was actually living these cards so much more deeply after I learned Lindsay's interpretations. I learned how to really honor my energy and practice as a tarot reader and when to say "no" to people who wanted to take advantage of my readings.

I learned how to drop the need of validation, honor the client's boundaries, and trust in my channel and my self." — Kathleen Callahan

“Tarot for the Wild Soul set me on a journey that will last a lifetime. It brought me to the Tarot as a tool for self-discovery and soulful learning, and I will always be grateful for the experience. Lindsay is a tremendous teacher and guide; Wild Soul Tarot is her gift to the world." — Kami Spangenberg

"I started the process of befriending myself: understanding that I don't need to be in a fight with life anymore. I don't need to clench or grab at happiness. I've learned that I can connect with the flow of life and allow the beauty and joy in.

Lindsay is a force. She is unapologetically honest and authentic. Lindsay is an example of the transformation that occurs when we lovingly look at the things that scare us most. She offers an alternative path for those of us that might be afraid of our own power and love. It seems like SO MANY of us struggle with our worthiness and the idea that we 'deserve' attention or love from spirit/god/divine energy.

I loved this course. I love Lindsay. This has changed my life." — Cameron Whetstone