Tarot for the Wild Soul is an eight week online journey into the art of soul centered Tarot reading, taught by Lindsay Mack.

The course runs from March 21st — May 9th, 2019.

Enrollment will be open until March 19th! To sign up, click here.

This award winning* course is a deep immersion into card theory, spreads, and readings, presented and taught from a soul centered, trauma friendly, evolutionary perspective. 

Together, we will go on an in-depth, spiral journey through these 78 cards, exploring each of the archetypes as bringers of medicine, laying our lives down next to their wisdom. Over the course of eight weeks, participants will receive beautiful, pre-recorded instructional videos, bespoke Tarot spreads, Soul Tarot workbooks, gentle homework assignments, access to a private community group on its own dedicated platform, and an abundance of weekly bonus material, all to support them on this journey.

This course is designed to support, enliven and enrich your Tarot practice, infusing you with an advanced knowledge of the deck, a deeper understanding of the cards, and a greater confidence in your skills as a reader.

The course content in Tarot for the Wild Soul is dedicated to shattering the concept of “right and wrong” with our deck, liberating us from the belief that there are bad or scary cards. It explores the Tarot in a holographic way, offering a reconnection to your intuition. It is here to empower, to soften, to liberate, and to support you in dropping into YOUR inner knowing, your sacred truth.

The material shared in this program has been crafted and channeled by Lindsay and is a weaving of her 20+ years of dedicated study of the Tarot, channeled wisdom from her guides, her deep work with her mentor, and her healing journey through childhood abuse and PTSD. 

You do not need to consider yourself an intuitive, a psychic, a master, or a seasoned reader to say yes to this course. If you are called to this sacred material, and to this wild journey, trust your heart. Heed the call. All you need is a Tarot deck. 

All levels of practice and experience are welcome and encouraged. 

*Tarot for the Wild Soul was voted Best Spiritual Course of 2018 by Spirit Guides Magazine